Pretend this is a picture

January 2016 – a new year. Here’s the picture. New. Change. Bright. Good. Positive. See it? That’s it. It is happening as we speak.

Scissortail Provisions is excited. We continue to work with Ben Buie to provide Potbellies with our Ben’s Bread and Butter Jalapeneos. He has graciously brought even more of our products into his newest ventures – Toast and Franklin’s on Main Street Broken Arrow. Check out (and buy) the paintings on the walls while you are there – Scissortail Provisions!

Then there is the enthusiastic crew at Blue Moon Cafe on Peoria Tulsa. When Al tries our krauts you can see the inventive ideas exploding around a new special. Now he can feature a kraut we designed especially for his shop (and we even sell it at market).

We have a new boss in town. She has just come in from a six year stint of ultra food experiences in NYC with a side of Asheville, NC thrown in for good measure (and a sweet touch of Alabama). Expect to see a few changes.

We hope to see you in the picture.


Fermenting for Good

Hippocrates believed all disease begins in the gut. As we research fermentation and probiotics there is more and more positive information that links the two. We have customers at market who confide the benefits to their well-being they attribute to our fermented krauts. It is exciting to imagine having our creations touch lives for the better. With that, perhaps you will enjoy reading this article about how “changing the bacteria in the gut can change behavior”. As the link doesn’t work perhaps you too can google “probiotics”. Go to “Gut Feelings: the future of psychiatry may be inside… ” The article was written 8/21/2013 by Carrie Arnold for The Verge.

To your good health!

Where Have WE Been?

Our last post was before 702A North Main Owasso officially opened on 1 April. And, that’s where we’ve been! What joy to walk into the shop and know we can do anything! I like to put everything in its’ place before I get started while Dale jumps into whatever he dreamt about making last night. Learning to work together has been a process (to say the least). Evolution every single day. Joyful, most always joyful.

And, we were able to be on our own feet for the opening of Cherry Street Farmers Market. We are happily tucked right next to the Palace Cafe (our launch pad. People still come to Dale and ask for burritos.) Our production balance has shifted from pickling toward fermentation. People are beginning to feel the positive energy in their bodies after eating ferments. Terry says there is research connecting fermentation with positive effects on autism. Curious? Do the research or try it yourself.

Our best pickled sellers:

  • 76 Street Dills
  • BDB Bread and Butters
  • Bens Bread and Butter Jalapeños
  • LBW Greenpoint Carrot Relish
  • Porter Peach Chutney


  • Kimchi!
  • Lemon Dill Kraut
  • Naked Kraut
  • South Texas Kraut
  • Morning Kraut
  • Peach Chutney (YUM!!)

So – there’s a small update. I hope to remember how to post photos on here and maybe work on this site. If you’re ever on NOMA Owasso and there’s a car in front of the shop, please stop in and we’ll make you try something. We are at Wednesday market (7:30-11 at 41st and Peoria in the Whole Foods east parking lot) and Saturday from 7-11 on Cherry Street. THANK YOU SO MUCH for YOUR support!