You’ve probably caught on to kombucha by now, but if sugar is on your “no fly” list, you may be feeling left out of the drinkable probiotics game… Meet Kvass! This salty sour beverage is fermented longer than our krauts, & makes an interesting addition to your fridge. Because the lactofermentation process increases certain vitamins & minerals, kvass makes an excellent probiotic recovery tonic: post-workout, post-lawn mowing, & the unfortunate hangover’s bff (that said, they also make great cocktails…).

Beetlejuice- ginger, beet, & citrus (earthy gin & tonic)

Kimchi Shooter- cabbage, carrot, gochugaru (hello, bloody mary)

Cry Baby Dill Tonic- cucumber, onion, garlic, red pepper flake (best dirty martini ever)

Hatch Elixir- green chili brine (next-level margs)

But you don’t need booze to enjoy these babies! We drink 2-ounce shots for a pick-me-up, & they’re excellent cut with seltzer!